1990 XJ6 4.0 Broken Upper Control Arm / Rusted Subframe


Mom passed in 2013 and left me a 1990 XJ6 sov 6CYL 4.0 It has been sitting over the years due to broken driver side upper control arm. I took it the shop to replace the control arm and was told the sub frame was to rusted to connect the arm to.
I purchased a replacement sub frame but found out it had been cut from the jag it was taken out of rather than un bolted and could not be used. I returned it and was refunded.
Now I can not find another front subframe anywhere without having to purchase unseen.
Is there any other year make or model jaguar with a subframe that will fit mine?
Is there any other to replace the arm without a new subframe?
Are there any options for me?

(Frank Andersen) #2

You need the xj40 list, Marquette - I’m not sure the ‘Series’ cars front end is directly compatible with the xj40…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

(Robin O'Connor) #3

Any sub frame from ‘88 to ‘93/4? Should be compatible

(Rodney ) #4

According to Jaguar Land Rover Classic website there are two cross members listed for XJ40’s CBC6139 & CBC8323, so something changed at vin 629362. They also list X300 crossbeam as an alternative.

(John Quilter) #5

Not sure where you are located on the globe but if in the USA, try Jaguar Heaven in Stockton California. They will have many parted out XJ40s of your year and most will be rust free California cars.
John Quilter
Eugene, Oregon USA