1990 XJ6 Sovereign

I am looking to replace a leaking fuel tank.
Actually I am trying to remove my gas tank to inspect where the leak is.
I have removed straps and fuel filler clamps. Tank is still immovable.
What else might be connected that would prevent pulling it out?

The fuel lines under the car are still attached. They are held in place by clips on the fittings. DO NOT REMOVE THESE CLIPS!

The clips rotate 90 degrees and allow the fuel lines to be removed.

Thanks so much!
I assume I need to go under the car to reach these?

Yes indeed you do. They are located above the driveshaft near the rear end and are “way up there”.
Access is quite limited but doable, you have to get a hand up between all the components, but it can be done. I picked up an extra extra long 18" pair of needlenose pliers and with a good flashlight and those needlenose, rotating the clips was a breeze. Once you’ve rotated them, the lines pull out pretty easily and hardly any gas spills.

Do not remove the clips - lots of members have done just that and made the job extra hard. there is a flat on the clip that locates into a slot on the fuel line fitting. It’s easy to see when it releases so no problem there. Keep in mind those small clips are NLA so you can’t afford to lose one.

Good luck!

Stan,I see that you are new to Jag-Lovers. Welcome!
Your 1990 XJ6 is very different from the Series I, II, and III XJ6s and XJ12s discussed on this list. You need to be on the XJ40 list where your car is discussed. Those on this list who already responded to your post may not have noticed that you are on the wrong list and it is possible that they provided erroneous advice. Our cars have two 12.5 gallon fuel tanks and your XJ40 has one fuel tank. I recommend that you post over on the XJ40 list where they discuss your model.



What Larry has failed to advise is that you need two elbow joints in each arm :slight_smile: it does help if you have slim arms. Sorry to say that if the boot/trunk has been getting any water from the rear glass in then the leak is likely to be on the bottom of the tank, BTDT
It requires a bit of finagling to R&R the tank but one person can do it.

Paul, please note that the original post was moved to the correct category before anyone responded.

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Thank you for clarifying that, very much!

I believe the fuel pump is located in-line just before the fuel filter and not in the fuel tank. Isthis correct?

Depends on your VIN, car year is a fuzzy classification when it comes to these cars. AFAIK by 1990 they were in the tank but that’s just hearsay.

why not check the parts catalog?

Easy check is to look in front of the left rear wheel, there should be a fuel filter and FP there, if not then its in the tank. There is what’s called the Evap flange on the top of the tank if the pump is an in-tank model.

For what it’s worth my late 1990 XJ6 VIN 611970 has the external pump.

Thanks very much Y’all

I got the (badly rusted) fuel tank out and removed the fuel pump (on top and parallel to rear axel).
Found one of the clips missing and the other pretty rusted.
Now I need to find a new tank and also new clips to secure the fuel lines to the tank.
Thanks again for your help and advice.