1990 XJS Collection Rouge, 16,500 miles from new

Description:. Only 16,500 miles from new. This really is one of those little, old, lady car stories. I bought the car from an estate with 11,000 miles on it. Cosmetically the car is beautiful. Never any body work the red paint is beautiful and the cream colored leather interior shows only a few signs of wear. Runs beautifully.

I am only selling the car because I have moved to Mexico and it is way too nice a car to take there. I have it consigned with a local premium car dealer, you will see his name and number in the contact informatioin.

Since owning it I have made many upgrades. The biggest upgrade was having a 5 speed transmission installed. The car now is a lot of fun to drive with that old GM automatic gone.

In addition I had all of the following done:

All engine gaskets and seals replaced.
Differential gasket replaced
All belts and hoses replaced, including all fuel hoses
Cam shafts reworked to be a little more aggressive
All fuel injectors removed and sent to WitchHunter Performance for cleaning and flow testing
Radiator removed and reworked
TEFBA coolant filters installed when radiator was reworked
Converted a/c to R12 (R134)
Replaced wiring harness for car
Replaced engine wiring harness
Replaced the shocks, all 6 of them
Installed LED light bulbs (You can now see the gauges when driving at night}
Installed new starter
Installed new front and rear sway bars from V12 performance
Installed Large Throttle kit from AJ6Engineering
Installed TT exhaust system from AJ6 Engineering
Installed new console ski-slope cover with cup holder model
Installed premium sound system ($4,000)
New tires with led=ss than 4,000 miles on them.

If you want a beautiful XJS that has been pampered and loved, this is the one for you. Every time I drive it, I get compliments on it. It is a really beautiful car that you can be proud of and that you won’t have to sink a fortune into to get it to run.

Asking price (if selling):$29,995 USD

Location:Boulder, Colorado

Contact information: Call John at Gunbarrel Import Motors 303-652-3040

Cost of shipping (if selling):To be paid by Buyer

Willing to ship worldwide? If arrnged by Buyer, will co-operate

Please always be careful before sending money or valuables to someone you don’t know. Use an escrow service if you’re not 100% certain of the identity and integrity of the person you’re dealing with.

By using this service you agree to resolve any and all disputes with the other party directly, and to indemnify and hold Jag-lovers harmless from any claims, losses, liability, or expenses (including attorneys’ fees) that arise from your use of Jag-lovers and this service.

Since the car is near me, I’d be happy to do an inspection, for any prospective buyer.

Thank you Wiggles. I willl keep your info on hand. It really is a great car and I hope someone who will love it buys it.

Wow, this is the ultimate low mileage AND restored AND enhanced XJS. I wonder if it can actually fetch $29K? It should be worth that much, but collectors have yet to appreciate these cars. Plus halfway decent ones are still a steal at under $10K.

It is strong money for an XJS, but for the right buyer a car with all the right maintenance and modifications done.

Here is my experience and opinion on extremely low mileage XJS’s. Found a 1990 xjs, factory installed twr body kit, exhaust, and suspension ( with factory phone ). 35K miles. Not as nice appearing as this "rouge " but in the top 80 %. I’m a Canadian, travelled to California to look for, and buy a XJS convertible. Found this one. Took it to a Jaguar mechanic ( nothing but good to say about this guy, ( San Jose ) Car war perfect, all mechanicals done,well looked after, but…every single piece of rubber, every seal, under the car needed to be replaced, including both tranny seals, fuel lines, injectors,a lot of simple maintenance items . Why ? Worst thing to do to a car other than no maintenance is not to drive it.This shop only charges $60.00 / hr . Their price estimated at $6,000.00.( I live in Vancouver BC, Canada. My mechanic, one of 3 in a city of 3 million who knows their way around these v12’s, charges $150.00 / hr. Couldn’t of bought the car if I had the work done up here ) Bought the car, had it done.But, not to get off topic, nice examples of xjs’s convertibles,primarily are starting to bring strong $'s. Climbing steadily. I noticed that in the work done, all the stuff you read about that should be done, has been done. But I see nothing about seals, bushings, fuel injector rebuilds or their lines etc being done. None of the simple stuff. As I found out, This car,or any car, may have low milage, but these parts are still 25 + years old ! These parts / labour add up quickly !
A well maintained, driven car, usually ends up being a better buy. Unless all you want is a " trailer queen " Drive the car, or show the car ?
My opinion, Get it PROPERLY checked out by someone who knows their way around xjs’s.
$29K for a coupe is top, top, $ at this time. Could be worth it…
I know of a few xjs’s , complete frame off, 100 % restored, that have sold for in excess off $100K. Not unreasonable when compared to the price of a new Jag. Because it is a new Jag.
There you go… my 2 cents worth

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I totally agree with @Vic1 and others. This feels like a BAT post…

It looks like a really great example with a lot of work done and low miles. It is top dollar, but could be perfect for the right person. Coupes haven’t held up to convertible prices, but I prefer them to be honest. Some of these upgrades are very pricey and when factored in make the cost hurt a little less. I probably would have considered something like this a while ago if I wasn’t already committed to refreshing my own 88. KWE cars would be a potential comparison in the sense of costly up front but nice - though this isn’t a restoration. A few points from my perspective:

Was it really ‘all’ engine gaskets and seals? Seems like a lot to pull the heads if not absolutely necessary. Differential gasket is a plus, but would be nice to know if this is the stock 2:88 or not with the 5-speed swap. Along those lines, not all 5 speed swaps are the same, would want to know which one and who installed, etc. Also want to know if the ECU was adjusted for a manual. If he bought the Large throttle kit and TT exhaust from AJ6, it would be nice to know if he had Roger adjust the ECU for a manual at the same time - in general the ECU needs to be adjusted for the new breath of life from the throttle bodies and exhaust to get the fueling right and that comes with the kit. Was the TT system a complete system with front silencer replacement and full SS exhaust, or just the TT part? Big point would be that the TT means NO catalytic converter and on a 1990 that is a big deal in some states with emissions. This car is a large investment and would not likely pass emissions testing if they have a visual component - and it is less likely to pass regardless though I can’t say it wouldn’t. California would be a no go without putting cats back on - but that would require ECU adjustment again and performance loss. Classic registration is a potential option, but it varies by state. Cam adjustment is costly and tricky, again good to know who did it and what is meant by ‘aggressive’? Would love to pick up a pair of the cams that AJ6 made in the past, but those as I recall limited top end power for the sake of low end gain. There is no mention about ABS brake service. No mention about all the other rubber bits and bushings. Why a new wiring harness? At that mileage, I’d imagine it wasn’t cooked. Why a new starter? Was radiator ‘removed and reworked’ a recore? I’m assuming it was meant to say R12 converted to R134. Manual seatbelts on this are a plus.

My experience with one of these situations came 2 years ago with a similar story - a grandma car at an estate that was hardly driven, bought by a collector with a climate control storage and rotated out of his stock, gone over by a mechanic with “nothing to be done.” Only 12k miles from new. Pristine car, all original, looked nice in photos, about $14,500, etc. I flew out to look and take it for a drive, with the thought I could just buy this, not restore/refurbish mine, and save a ton of money in the process and upgrade later as I saw fit. At least I had the sense not to buy it sight unseen and ship it. Ended up walking away. Paint was not in as good of condition as I expected, interior was clean but leather was dry, wood had cracking, windows were sticking. Engine idle was a little rough but OK. Then I drove it. It pulled badly, rode soft and loose, steering was sloppy, brakes were spongy, shifts were rough. Not to say it wasn’t doable but I learned the hard way about ‘like new’ 30 year old cars. Plus, my own had sentimental value, so I recommitted to it and ended up buying a beautiful series 1 XJ6 instead for about the same price. Certainly, this is not the same story, but my point is a 30 year old XJS is still 30 years old and for that price it would need to check all the boxes on an inspection - which it just might for someone.

Good luck, hope my post is helpful for someone.

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Interesting that this car was registered in Montana and is being sold in Colorado. In my case, while I live in Colorado, owning property in Montana allowed me to register my '76 XJ12C in that state and avoid the Colorado sales taxes and emission standards. I wonder if a similar situation exists with this XJ-S? I can run headers and just straight pipes out the back if I so desire

HI Phillip,

Actually there is a cottage industry in Montana helping people register cars there to avoid sales tax. That is my case. I formed an LLc in Montana and buy all my vehicles in teh LLC and hence pay no sales tax