1991 Daimler rear seat swap in 1993 Daimler

Hey guys,

I made an account over here and will show my collection later on.
Does someone of you know if a 1991 Daimler rear seat fits a 1993 Daimler?
The seats are slightly different because they updated the door cards in 1993.
The 1991 Daimler rear seat seems a bit wider than the 1993 model.
I’m afraid the rear doors won’t close because of the wider seats :).
I am NOT changing over the door cards.

How about the rear headrests, are those interchangable?




The seats have a different cut to accommodate the door cards. I’d change everything but it all should fit.

Hello, thanks for your reply!
I Appreciate it.
You mean the earlyer style rear seats will fit even with the upgraded later style doorcards?

I believe you will have to keep the seats and door cards from the same year together.

Yeah, think so too… otherwise the seats are too wide.