1991 Facelift (or not?)

Hi all

New to the forum as I’m considering buying either an XJS or an XJ6.

I’ve seen an XJS for sale near me which is quite nice but I’ve been reading differing posts about the car in 1991. It would appear that the Facelift models were being made in 1991 but some articles refer to it as 1992 onwards.

The car I’m looking at appears a Facelift model based on the rear lights and the fact it’s a 4.0 engine. All good.

My query is that I’ve seen some posts saying that the 1991 was a kind of ‘inbetween’ model before the main Facelift went into full production.

This wouldn’t bother me at all, only that someone made mention of this resulting in parts being very difficult/expensive to come by.

Can anyone fill me in? Many thanks.

Are you in the US? Does this car have one-piece headlights, or four round sealed beams?

I don’t believe the 1991 is significantly different than any other model year XJ-S in terms of part availability and cost.

Thanks for the reply, I’m in the UK. It’s got the one piece headlights.

I read a post on another forum where a guy said that in 1991 they made a model which slightly different to the eventual standard Facelift model.

This is the age-old ‘model year’ versus 'calendar year confusion. Model year designations get fuzzy when speaking in international terms as different countries assign ‘year’ designations diffferently

In the USA at least, the first facelift cars were 1992 model year…built in 1991 calendar year. We refer them as ‘1992’ cars.

Yes, the facelift cars did have early and late versions, so to speak. The bumpers being a primary visual identifier.

And yes, some parts are very hard to come by. Exterior lamps and trim pop into my head right away, but perhaps others as well


Correct. Phase 1 of the facelift was largely cosmetic - bumpers, tail-lights, instrument cluster:

Phase 2 of the process involved the introduction of the Jaguar 6.0L V12 (not the TWR) and the change over from TH400 to 4L80e transmissions, coupled with 3.54 differential and some other mods.
IIRC, in between phase 1 and 2, Jaguar at least for the US market made some limited production 4.0L I6 cars with manual transmissions, which, again, in the US only are considered MY 1993 (there was no official MY 1993 for the V12 here)

There was also a phase 3, marked by the changeover from AJ6 to AJ16 sometime in 1995. Another minor mod, distinguished in the Jaguar books as MY 1995.25 is the introduction of the Teves IV brakes, which in Europe might be called the “Celebration”.

Thanks for the info guys. Seems safe to say that a 1991 Facelift model won’t be significantly different to a 1992 one then? I know there were later revisions before the car was discontinued.

So, do your one-piece headlights have plastic lenses that say Carello on them, or glass lenses that say Cibie on them?

Couldn’t tell you that, sorry. Not viewed the car yet as it’s a bit of a trek away. Was just trying to do some research before I proceed.