1991 jaguar jxs

Hey can anybody give me some good advice on my 1991 Jaguar jxs I change the battery after the alarm just keeps going off but I can get in the car and start it and will run but the alarm is still going while the car is running???

I would confirm that what you are hearing is coming from the seat belt unit. If so check the seat belt switches. Good place to start.

This electrical guide I found on line, downloaded pdf and printed out. Not complete schematics but lots of information.

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I suspect that you alarm system is an aftermarket unit installed by a prior owner and not a factory Jaguar alarm system. Please post pictures of alarm system components as others may recognize what system it is and can help with how to disable and disconnect it.


After you change the battery, depending on the alarm system, you may need to re-code the key fobs. My alarm will keep beeping until you have pressed the alarm remote(s) five times. You get a confirmation honk when it accepts each coded fob.

What model year cars are you talking about with key fobs? I am pretty sure the cars with factory key fobs were after 1991, but I am.not positive about that.
I suspect that Shawn’s 1991 XJ-S was equipped with a non-factory aftermarket alarm system by a prior owner and it is acting up. Of course I am not certain of this.


For sure there is a range of Jaguar/non-Jaguar alarm systems. I have a 1992 UK facelift car, could be quite different to a US 1991 model. My key fobs have a Jaguar growler logo, but they look like a black box from a generic system. I’ve posted a scan of my Security User Manual in another thread a few months ago if that helps.