1991 v12 xjs power steering oil cooler

Recently had my steering leak repaired ( at a substantial cost I might add ). Several weeks later, I noticed steering fluid on my garage floor. I returned to the mechanic to see if was related to the intial work he’d performed. He said my steering cooler was leaking and suggested removing it instead of replacing it.
Although I am not sure if his initial work is related to the leak, I need to stop the leak and if removing it will cause no harm, that might suffice. Has anyone removed their cooler with no residual effects?


However, my driving circumstances are such that the power steering is never really taxed. I drive the car every day but seldom have to parallel park or maneuver in tight quarters

Let’s hear what others say


where are you located? if you’re in a hot area maybe replace it - after market auto trans cooler do the same - or leave it off as Doug suggested if it’s not in a constant stress driving environment

San diego, ca.

no hotter than where i am…your car your choice, can’t see a problem running with out it

Are you sure its the cooler and not the connections or the hoses ?
The hoses are getting really baked down there and become hard and brittle with time.

Took it to the mechanic who repaired a steering leak. That was his diagnosis. Funny you ask , although I saw

The fluid leak, I wondered if it might be a hose or connections, given its precarious location?

"Took it to the mechanic who repaired a steering leak. "
Not sure what that means. I suspect a leaking hose. I concur with those who advised that the cooler can be removed unless you are in a hot climate.
I have always thought that the power steering cooler was placed in the wrong location. When needed most, at low speeds and idle while parking there is no air flow over the cooler. In these situations, it’s more of a heat collector from the exhaust that anything else.
If you do decide to replace it, I would recommend a generic oil cooler available form the usual sources, and relocate it to in front of the engine oil cooler where it would actually be effective.


My power steering cooler failed years ago, I don’t recall how but I think it had a crack. Replaced with an aftermarket unit which has been fine for many years. Also be sure to replace both the inlet and outlet hoses.

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The mechanic suggested not replacing the unit which is why I pose the question, to ascertain whether replacing it was

necessary and to see whether anyone who has experience after not replacing theirs.

Thx for the response because I was also concerned, if necessary, about purchasing a used cooler.

Obviously these parts are difficult to replace; any advice on a reputable supplier?

My point in responding was there are comments above that it might be a hose. It might be, but I have personally had the actual cooler fail.
Whether you replace or delete the cooler, replace all the associated hoses, unless you are confident they are relatively new.
If you replace the cooler, just get an aftermarket. They come in all shapes and sizes. You might have to fab a simple bracket. If you want the gold standard. move it up in front of the radiator.
I live in Arizona. It is not ok to remove from my car. My aftermarket cooler is tucked up behind one of my big electric fans. It’s getting air that’s already been thru the rad, but that’s better than nothing.
I personally would keep it no matter where I lived. Racks are expensive, and having a bit of extra PS cooling isn’t hurting anything. The rack is pretty close to the exhaust, so the fluid lives a hard life, IMHO.