1991 xj6 heat/cool system

(Syd.) #1

I have been trying to check the flap gearbox’s by removing them and watching for the spindle rotation. Before I removed the glove box etc every thing worked, now I can’t get the blower’s to run. I have checked the fan speed limit switch by jumping across the two soldard contacts but nothing happens so I assume the switch is OK. Every thing else works in the area ie, seats, puddle lamps, wipers, gauge lights, heating system control lights. From the archives I find that there is a possibility that Relay Module ‘H’(DBC10009) is faulty so I tried to find it using the suggestions from earlier posters but to no avail. I have looked in the passenger foot well, the left front wheel well, behind the left front headlamp, in the trunk but no luck.
If the AC panel lights work doesn’t that mean the fan switch is receiving power and the fans should run when the switch is operated. Is there any thing else I can check that would prevent power reaching the fans, beside the Module ‘H’. Is there a chance my car doesn’t have this module?
Another question, is it possble to manually rotate the flap gearbox by rotating the shaft in order to help in reassmbly?
Any help would be really appreciated.

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As per my reply to your PM on this subject, your 91 does NOT have a relay module H (DBC 10009)

(Michael Parker) #3

Check connections around and at relays located under passenger side airbag (if equipped (or behind glove compartment)) there are many spots for corrosion and electrolysis to occur and as we all know jag is not known to have very good wiring harnesses give the wires a jiggle one by one and try again also u have 2 blowers for you’re air con one behind the instrument cluster and one behind the air bag or glove compartment depending upon your YEAR and model

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Hi Michael,

It wasn’t me asking the xj40 vacuum question but thanks for the information any way.

syd. merron

1991 xj40

(MURRAY ) #5

Hi, if your heater control valve is stuck then the blowers will not run when heat is selected.
Hope this helps