1991 xjs v12 convertible

Anyone have information for obtaining rebuilt harness? Someone suggested a place in Portland, but based on numerous complaints and their response , would not want to advance them funds. I reside in California.

I bought a new fuel injection harness from SNG Barratt and am quite happy with it.

Which harness?

Any. Eventually most will need replacing. The mechanic stated it is one of the engine harness that sets on the top of the engine and connects to the coil. As you might deduce, my knowledge is limited to starting the engine and pressing the gas pedal. I believe there are two harnesses on top of the engine.

I’m not completely sure of the difference on a '91 harness compared to '92.

1992 there’s one “harness” across the top. But the injector harness is not connected in anyway to the rest of the harness. There are a couple other sensors that aren’t really connected to the harness. But they are all taped together to form one large, complicated harness.

The place in Portland is only offered as a source for the '92 harness because they aren’t offered anywhere else. From what I understand they want your old harness and their lead time are quite long. I believe there are other/better sources for your '91.

I’ve rebuilt two 1992 harnesses, with new wire, and mostly new connectors and terminals/pins. Repurposing only the connectors and pins that are no longer available. I could do a '91 if you can’t find a source for one.

The 92 harness is a fragile thing. I have two 92’s and one is very soon due for a Mobeck kit. Expensive solution … about $4000. But you get so much for your money.

Am interested if you can make one, but need to speak with the mechanic. Unfortunately, I have little trust in him, but sure we can

get pass our differences to ascertain which harness is needed.

Mechanics recent statement: “upon inspection at the roadside i found the wiring harness to be causing power/signal issues with one of the ignition coils, I repositioned the harness to the coil and was able to drive the vehicle back to the shop with no problem at that time.”

Aside from making sure I have the right harness where can I find info on you before I commit. Is there anyone on Jaglovers familiar with your work?

Thx for your reply

Much appreciated!!

Some months I task this to my favorites list and never revisited it. Must do research now.

Will check it out. Much appreciated !!

Just curios. Is that $4000 for 2 harness or 1?

Awesome! I was getting regular emails from them, but forgot to send my new email.
Much appreciated!!!

It’s $4000 for one harness, new injectors, new ECU, new coil packs to replace distributor, and an electrically operated AAV and some other bits. Lots of stuff, very complete kit.


Sounds good. Now I only need and honest mechanic

Just spent $21000 to have the motor rebuilt and still having issues that seemingly involve harness and oil leaks.