1992 Facelift 5.3 Engine Wiring Harness Rebuild

Yep, '91 diagram has ordered injectors and alternating wiring. '92 diagram has ordered injectors and ordered wiring, '94 diagram has alternating injectors and ordered wiring.

I had already gotten quite a bit done on the B bank following the diagram before I noticed the discrepancy. Still debating if I should start over.

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Decided to scrap the previous start on the efi harness. Originally was going to run the B side to the front then along the fuel rail hose to the other side, but got looking into other routing options. This is the third, and final, layout.

Got some nice shielded wire yesterday. Hopefully get into the ignition coil/power module portion this weekend.

That sure looks nice and cleaned up the area - Tex.

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Where did you get the shielded wire?

I found some on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/str/empiredon

Went with 18 awg 2-conductor ($16.58/ 10 ft.) and 20 awg single conductor ($10.19/ 10 ft.)


I bought some coax cable from showmecables.com but it wasn’t quite right. But it was very cheap ($0.23/ft). Also got some 2-conductor shielded wire ($0.20/ft) from iec.net but the shielding was around the individual conductors, not around both. Plus the shielding was very fine gauged wire.

Why does everyone wanna move those wires up to the fuel rail? I think it looks terrible.

I didn’t verify, but I could have SWORN your book suggested this to get it away from the heat.

I had a feeling this was coming. I noted Kirby’s response in an earlier thread where he said just a little off the floor would be fine (level of the bolts holding the intake manifold), particularly if you’re using the appropriate temperature range wires.

It’s a very good idea to get those wires off the deck of the V, where they sit in the accumulating grease and muck. But right up top where they dominate the appearance of the engine? No need for that. I moved mine about an inch off the deck, to the level of the intake manifold flanges, where I secured them with clamps under the intake manifold nuts. They are off the deck and still not too obtrusive.

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And here I thought Jag made serious improvements with the “face-lift”, even the orphan 5.3 in MY '92. :confused:

Geez, JJ . how many miles does that cat have on her? :confused:

Is that yellow tape high-heat proof? Hope so … :fire: :grimacing:


There were some updates - Injector on rail is a nice one.

I’m not sure if you’re joking, but the tape is just for laying out the wiring to get accurate lengths.

I tried moving it to the manifold flanges, but the portion where it crosses from the right side to the left was left hanging in mid air, and was in the way of other things. Top of the fuel rail was much more practical and out of the way. The top of the stock engine is so messy anyway, you really don’t notice it.

No. Not for the ancient 5.3

You probably should refer to the 6.0 for any improvements,

No, I didn’t know it was not the final product. So how are you attaching the wires to the fuel rails?

Wow, same year and mileage as Superblack. Now I’m wondering if mine is a mess that needs “restoration”, too … :face_with_head_bandage:

Your emojis add a certain joviality, so I wasn’t sure.

I’ll wrap/sleeve the wires and use cable clamps on either the fuel rail or air rail bolts.

Mine didn’t need restoration until I started moving it. Electrically, it seemed to behaving just fine. It was the moving to clean that caused all the damage.

Yep. Lift it off the valley floor, and all the insulation stays behind, you’ve just lifted a bunch of bare copper wire!

Hardly noticeable:


Very clean looking harness project - Tex.