1992 xj40 vanden pla power steering pressure hose

Hello, has anyone had an issue with the fittings on a oem replacemnt high pressure power steering hose not screwing in as well as the fittings that came off? Hope i am making sense. I have no issue at the pump but trying to screw the the end that goes tonthe rack is giving me a fit!

Are you sure that the threads aren’t galled or nicked in anyway? More often than not you just have to fiddle with the getting just the right angle for the threads to line up

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If you need a new hose, most hydraulic hose business will be able to duplicate the original.

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What I’ve noticed is the flare gets a bit compressed and becomes oversize to fit in the thread/bore of the rack, I had to gentle file the diametre a tad to get it to fit.

Thank you everyone for the reply. It such a simple install. I may just have the original fitting on that end placed on the new hose i purchased. Ilept those. From the sounds of it i may have to put on a little paitience.

Thanks again!