1992 XJS V12 Coupe 5-speed White/Doeskin

My brother passed away late last year and left behind this well-loved, well-maintained and modified XJS. He got the Jaguar bug from my dad and went on to become very knowledgeable about the XJS and also XJ12. One of his friends called him his “Jaguar Yoda”. I encourage you to review his posts which are mostly XJ-S and v12-engine related – username: “Skip_Fritz” – this will tell you more than I could about the true nature of his passion and the various modifications/issues/resolutions.

As far as I know, based on what his daughter and wife have told me, he was the second owner of this car. No accidents and everything works (I find that hard to believe LOL). He apparently got several speeding tickets which I totally understand having driven it only once myself. It sounds amazing with the upgraded exhaust and the V12 seems to come to life with a 5-speed tranny. The car was not a garage queen – he drove it all the time and it currently has 105,406 miles on the ODO. He was also an audiophile so the Becker Monza stereo is probably a very good piece of kit. It has LED lighting throughout the interior. He kept a spreadsheet of work done as well as more detailed records.

My brother lived on the 7th fairway of the country club so, unfortunately, the car has suffered three golf ball hits all on the driver’s side.

Some details from his posts/work done spreadsheet:

  • Aluminum radiator with dual electric fans
  • Koni shocks
  • Poly steering bushings
  • AJ6 Plus Torque Kit
  • Keisler Super 60 full bore exhaust system installed at Keisler facility
  • Engine banjo’s, radiator banjo, half moon seals and tensioner plug from Ron Kelnhofer
  • Optima battery
  • Driver’s seat recovered by Paul’s Jaguar
  • I haven’t seen any notes on this, but I’m pretty sure he overhauled the IRS as well.

The car is located in Huntsville, Alabama and the sale will be handled by my niece who lives there. I’m in Hawaii but have the connection to Jag-Lovers because of my own Jaguar which is why I’m posting the classified. You will need to manage any shipping arrangements on your own. Car is sold as-is.

My brother would have wanted this car to be owned/loved by an enthusiast and this is definitely the place to find, ahem, Jag-Lovers.

Asking price: $15,500 USD
Location: Huntsville, Alabama
Contact information: PM me and I’ll get you in touch with my niece
Cost of shipping: unknown
Willing to ship worldwide? Selling locally – where it goes after that is up to you.

Please always be careful before sending money or valuables to someone you don’t know. Use an escrow service if you’re not 100% certain of the identity and integrity of the person you’re dealing with.

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My condolences for your brothers passing, and I do remember his car, being one of the first XJSs I read about on Jag levers that had been converted to a five speed.

Dropping the price to $10,000 USD. Seller is motivated.

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Thank you Paul. He really enjoyed making the car something special.