1993 Intermittent start


Something I solved myself which may be helpful to owners of this model.
The no start came out of the blue at the railway station carpark and necessitated a tow to the local auto electrician.
They didn’t actually fix the problem but had the car running (by luck more than anything else).
The auto electrician said that he had replaced the earth wire to the fuel pump, my curiosity got the better of me and I removed the spare wheel and the panel trim that covers the fuel tank.
Above where the battery is located is a black robust two pin connector for the fuel pump, pulling this apart revealed a burnt terminal that had obviously been arcing and causing intermittent current supply to the fuel pump. I made my own repair with electrical screw connectors which solved the problem.
This is an abbreviated account, this car has covered 280000 kilometers with I think with the original fuel pump. I have seen comprehensive checks for fuel pump function which are very good but a preliminary ignition off shortcut to check the pump itself is to check the fuel pump earth continuity and then hot wire from the +ve battery terminal to the connector to the fuel pump; pump should sing away. Then check your relays etc…

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Had this happen to my ‘92 the connectors are on the small size and do not always engage properly, sometimes they sit on top rather than entering the respective female tab.