1993 XJ40 propshaft centre bearing replacement

Help! my local very competent repairer (not Jaguar specialist) identified that a bearing rumble from under the car is from the propshaft centre bearing. I called a reliable local parts supplier who told me that this bearing is not replaceable on 1993/1994 cars and advised fitting an earlier model propshaft assembly that allows replacement of the bearing.
Can anybody confirm this is the case, I do trust the parts supplier but I cannot find any reference in Jaglovers or other sources that mentions this particular issue.

I’m not absolutely sure but I think that is probably not the case. IIRC Don_B replaced the centre bearing on his car and that was a 93MY.
I haven’t done the job myself but from what I remember it was a bit of a job, the prop shaft does thave to come off etc and I believe all bolt positions and components have to be marked as the shaft sits in one position only to keep the driveline vibration free.

What does the parts catalog show? Does it show the bearing and carrier as a separate part with your VIN?


looks to me this is a fairly broad range part covering many years and models, not just the XJ40 …check for yourself but it looks like part number EBC9040

The bearing can be replaced individually on 93/94 cars, and it is identical on 6cyl and V12 cars. I have done it myself. The procedure is described in the workshop manuals (section 47.15.32).

Thanks for the info Larry.

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Thanks Guido, this is a relief.