1993 XJ40 won't turn over

My 1993 XJ40 ran fine last spring. It was stored, and now the dash lights up but the starter won’t turn over. The starter works fine if bypassed. I replaced the ignition switch with a new one. I also tried replacing the inertia switch but it didn’t make a difference. The gearshift indicator lights up in park and neutral, which I understand means that it’s not acting like it’s in gear and not turning over for that reason. The relays check out. What could I try next? Thanks! Scott

You are on the wrong list, Scott - but for what it’s worth.

There is a start inhibit switch to prevent cranking except in ‘P’ or ‘N’. That the gear lever is in its proper position does not mean that the switch is operating properly - it might be defective or maladjusted.

On the S3 the starter relay is connected to ground via black/green which may be the same for the later xj40. Connect relay’s black/green (or whatever) directly to ground, bypassing the start inhibit switch - and try cranking. It should/might then crank in any gear lever position…

Consult the proper list for further pursuit…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)t for location of the start inhibit switch - or for further

The starter relay needs ground to operate. Ground is provided to the relay by the central processing unit through the transmission rotary switch. I suggest, you move backwards from the starter relay. Use a multimeter to check if ground is present when moving the ignition switch to the “start” position,

Also, verify if ground is present at the input of the ignition switch. You may look at a faulty ground point.

Can you confirm that the starter relay is known good. Solder joints tend to break within these multi-relay units (LB70, below glove box, the blue one).