1993 xj6 VDP 4.0l died in traffic

The engine cut off, I coasted to a parking lot. The interior lights work (on the timer), the door locks work. The running lights and brake lights work (with switch), but the headlights do not work. The key inserted alarm works. Also, car will not shift from park.
Recently installed an after market radio, though tedious was correctly done with no after install issues. No key on functions work.
I’ve owned and driven some absolute junk but never had one just quit going down the road. Any help would be appreciated. BTW, this car has 82400 original miles.

Welcome to Jag-Lovers. I see that you are new here. Unfortunately you are on the wrong list. Your car is newer than the cars discussed on the XJ list and has very few of the same components. Your more modern version of the XJ6 is often referred to by the internal Jaguar project code number XJ40. Try posting over on the Jag-Lovers XJ40 list where your model is discussed.


Did you feel any thump as the engine died, as in hitting an object on the road? The inertia switch may have triggered.

Or the internal resistor inside the rotor might have let go. Do you carry a spare ignition rotor in the car as advised by several knowledgeable folks here?

I had my 94 XJ40 die suddenly on the road a few weeks ago and all it took to revive the car was install a new rotor.

I replaced the coil with the wrong one but I figured if I could get some juice through the system, I could at least roll the windows up. Nope, gotta wait 3 days to order one. I’m pretty sure the original coil is through because it fell apart(the plastic) when I removed it and it was way outta spec. If it’s not the coil, what would be next? Thanks a lot for your replies.

Battery is dead maybe?

OK back to basics …

You didn’t mention if the engine would crank over after it shut off. If it does crank do you see any rpm on the tachometer?

When you say that it won’t shift out of park, do you mean the selector physically won’t move?

If an XJ40 suddenly shuts off ALWAYS check the rotor/distributor cap first (assuming there is still gas in the tank :grinning:)


Found the problem, wire had worn through, blew three fuses. Replaced wiring, all of well. Thanks for your support!

For future reference can you identify which wire had worn through.

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Specifically what wires were faulty? Please pass on this info so others can learn from the solution to your issue.