1993 XJS Facelift 4.0

My Jag idles a little rough and I thought I would replace the EGR valve. I ordered one off Amazon but it was a newer version with wire connectors on the top of it. I sent it back and got a quick return so kudos to Amazon for that.
I see where the proper EGR valve replacement has a vacuum line attachment, but it costs 3-4 times more.
How tough is it to somehow refurbish my current EGR valve? Can I use the same gasket?
Thoughts? Opinions?

Sounds like you’re throwing parts at a car to see if you can fix a problem. No judging, I do
It all the time.

If you’re going to do that, you kinda have to be all in. What if it is the problem, but the reused gasket is still causing a problem. What if you didn’t clean the EGR well enough? You won’t know for sure unless you swap it out completely.

I’ve never had luck cleaning a EGR, by the way.

Guess I’ll just buy the right EGR valve. Stock went up today…

What about different approach like the one used by most of the car manufacturers between 2000-2010?
Not many people know that most of the EGRs in those years cars were blanked off with nicely laser-cut plate at 1st service. An innocent cheat… Maybe doing the same would be the way to go?

Unfortunately I have no EGR on mine - to confirm solution above…

Bought the EDR valve, but had to return it as it was the wrong type. Bought the right type that was four times more expensive and did not notice much of a difference.
The main problem now is a severe hesitation when initially accelerating. Not to the point of the engine killing, but a lag. I replace the arm spring with no effect.
Someone said it was the fuel pump.
Tough fix? Suggestions?

Sounds like the TPS to me. Maybe the butterfly is out of adjustment, or something, but I don’t think it’s the fuel pump.

I’d also look at the Idle Air Control Valve.

Lastly, the oxygen sensors. How old are they? They start getting lazy after awhile. Not bad enough to throw a code, but slow.

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I know this is an old thread but posting this for info purposes. A mid 90s GM 350 EGR is a direct replacement for the one on the AJ6 4.0l. Just replaced mine and found out about this after it was done. Costs about half, $50 US, as the one I got.

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