1994 MY auto-dim mirror(s) not working. any known manual replacements known?

I have an xj6 and an xj12, both have non-working auto dim mirrors. they both have a round mount to the glass. I have read quite a few posts pertaining to xj40 auto dim mirrors- it seems that most mount to a bracket under the overhead console trim, and a person might be able to use a manual mirror from an earlier model and do away with auto dim problems. neither of my cars does any kind of light on the mirror light up to show power, but it appears the mirrors are on circuit 1 with the driver seat, which works fine. 2 questions- a) how is the mirror removed from the mount disc? there dosent appear to be any type of set screw. and b)does anyone know of a replacement manual type mirror that uses the round mount?

[xj40] Rear View Mirror - #8 by myrsjag?

Sorry, can’t help with a replacement mirror.

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thanks for that, Mike. since my post, I found what looks like a manual mirror from an XJS on ebay that the mount looks exactly like mine. (round) havent ordered yet, unsure how to determine if it will fit for sure.

Hi Bob, I have been doing some brainstorming snd online research and suspect - but have not proven - that some early- to mid-1990s BMWs, specifically 5 and 7 series and Z3 models - used a manual-dimming mirror with a round base like Jaguar used. Why is this significant? There are many more BMWs than Jaguars in salvage yards. A local u-pull yard has several BMWs and only charges $7.50 for a manual (non-electric) mirror. I do not know if this is a possibility you are interested in pursuing. If I do so I will post additional information.

Absolutely, Mike, by all means pursue this, as will I. I suspect there are a LOT of owners who are putting up with huge glare at night because of non- functioning automatic mirrors. I don’t know where you are, but here in semi- rural KS, ther are few Jags, dead or alive, but quite a few BMW’s - I will start looking at their mirrors when I come across one.

Well, Bob, I finally made it to a local u-pull yard to check out the BMW interior rear-view mirrors. I don’t know how many acres that u-pull has, but I traversed nearly all of them. Checked 20 BMWs from late 1980s to mid 2000s. Most had auto-dimming electric mirrors, and a good number were missing their mirrors. The one manual-dimming mirror I found was fogged around the edges. Looking at the mirror mounts, I still believe a manual mirror from a BMW will work - but I will have to locate one to prove it.

Thanks so much for looking. It has been pretty cold here, so I have not looked yet, but will. kind of afraid to try removing one when it’s so cold- things break so much easier in the cold temps. if I find one, I will let you know, hope you will do the same.

Fellow Jag-lovers, I can confirm that at least one late-90s BMW OEM manual rear view mirror will fit and replace the non-functioning electrochromatic auto-dimming mirror in our Jags - at least my 1994 model. Failing to find a suitable mirror in my local u-pull yard, curiosity got the better of me and when this mirror showed up on eBay for $20 including shipping I took a chance and ordered it:

I receieved the mirror today and it is a perfect fit. The mirror is exactly the same width and height as the original and twists right on to the mounting base on the windshield. Here is the mirror installed in my car:

Now if a body got really ambitious…BMWs from the 1990s-2000s used a mirror with the same type of mount that were electrified, incorporating a red dome on the bottom of the mirror and later ones also had the ‘garage door opener’ buttons. Armed with a wiring schematic, a donor door-opening remote, and the BMW pigtail(s) to tie into the Jaguar wiring, a body could have security system armed/disarmed status indicator and garage door opening incorporated in the rear view mirror. Theoretically, of course. :thinking:

Even a part #!!! Mike, you are the man. I have taken a short term job working nights for a couple of weeks, but soon as I’m done, I will start the hunt for a couple of these mirrors of my very own.

If you cannot source mirrors locally, eBay may be your salvation. These mirrors seem to be listed rather regularly, although the asking prices are, shall we say, quite irregular.

id say $20 shipped was a good deal!

I agree - that’s why I took a chance on it! :grin:

If you are looking at parts on eBay, note whether ‘Make Offer’ is an option. You never know what a seller might accept.

OK, buyer beware! Or should I say, buyer be aware. Just saw this mirror listed on eBay:

While it has the same number (006199) as the mirror I purchased the mount is different:


This is the mount on the mirror I purchased:


It is possible the mount and stem (with the ball end) could be swapped with the one from the OEM Jag mirror but I have not attempted it.

Mike, thanks for all the research you have done on this. I finished the short term job I was on and will now see if I can find the correct mirror of my very own.

Congratulations for completing the job and good luck with your mirror search. Let us know if you have any questions and how you get on with your search.

ordered one yesterday, $25 shipped. remove old mirror by turning clockwise, correct? were you able to do it by hand, or did you use a tool such as channellocks with tape on the jaws? sure glad you posted the pic of the inside of the base.

Great! No need for a tool to remove. You wil first need to disconnect the wire going to the mirror. Use a coin or thumbnail to turn the slotted fastener in the overhead console to release it, slide it rearward until it clears the metal mounting tabs. The console can dangle on the wires, it isn’t heavy. Disconnect the white 3-wire connector and let the mirror wire drop down. You can then reinstall the console. Here’s how I removed the mirror: I placed the heel of my right hand snug against the base of the mirror just to try and make sure I didn’t apply force away from the glass. With my left hand I grasped the stem as close to the mirror as I could and, as you stated, rotated it clockwise. Somewhere between 45 and 90 degrees the mirror popped off the base. Installation of the BMW mirror was, as Haynes would say, the reverse of removal. Getting the base to sit over the mount on the glass was a bit fiddly. I had to have it about 45 degrees off vertical (between 7 and 8 o’clock). Once the base was on the mount, I rotated the mirror counterclockwise to lock it on.

thanks for the instructions! I will report back when the mirror comes in.