1994 Vaden Plas: won't shift out of park, no Gear lights

I’ve been dealing with a transmission light issues for a while now. Can’t seem to track the issue down. However, after sitting for a few months, the Jag won’t shift into gear.

I already had the center consul taken off (trying to trace the trans light). Using the override button on the JShift i’m able to get it out of park and into other gears (and drive move it around). There are no lights showing the park symbol or other gears.

Underneath, I expected the gear Shift cable. Looks like the rubber has separated on it but i can’t see any major corrosion.

  1. Is there a guide for Shift cable replace (not sure how hard this will be for me)
  2. Could a bad shift cable throw a trans light (car shifted fine before when initially having these trans light problems
  3. Anything else I should check electrical wise ?

my 93 3.2 has a switch on the brake pedal unlocks gearstick when you put foot on brake pedal left over the winter mine sticks and it won,t come out of park quick sniff of penetrating fluid and away we go for the summer

@bfg This was it - little penetrating fluid did the trick and i’m good to go