1994 XJ12 awakening and tune up parts

I recently started working on my 1994 XJ12 which I bought some years ago and have not gotten around to. The first thing I did was to hook up a battery pack and turn the ignition key. The good news the engine is not seized it spinned freely, turbine like. Should I be jumping for joy or does that mean there is no compression?
After that I started clearing the top of the engine to get access to the spark plugs, not there yet.
I did noticed that the spark plug leads were labeled. Do these spark plug wire come labeled from the manufacturer?
What is a good source for tune up parts, and filters?
Thank you

I think it’s probably a good sign the engine was turning over freely and not any indication you don’t have compression. Do you know any history about the car and last time it ran, etc? For parts, filters, etc in the US I’ve had good experiences for 80’s and 90’s Jags with SNG Barratt, Moss Motors, Terry’s Jaguar, Welsh Enterprises, Coventry West, and even ordering from the Jaguar Classic Parts website. Prices and shipping costs vary between them so it’s worth doing some comparison shopping.

I saw your other question about moving the a/c compressor to change the front two plugs. I had my compressor out of the way when I changed them on a 6.0L v12 a while ago, but I think I recall reading that the Jaguar supplied spark plug wrench in the tool kit may allow you to change those without moving the compressor.

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I paused the work I was doing due to the 100+ F temperatures we are having here in Texas. But I will be ordering parts soon and wait for better weather conditions. I think I could get at those two plugs but I will wait until I get there.
It looks like the spark plug wires, in my car, have a label on the boot. I am hoping this to identify which cylinder it goes to. Is this common with replacement wire sets?
I want to get a factory service manual, and if available a parts catalog, Are these available as one book or do I have to get more than one?
I appreciate your response, Thank you

Yes I’ve been doing some work lately here in Georgia - it’s not the best time of year for working in a hot garage. The replacement plug wire sets I’ve used have always had a label on each, A1, B1, etc, usually located close to the end that connects to the distributor. I would take several photos of the current arrangement of yours - it can be helpful when installing and routing the new ones.

I would consider purchasing the cd rom JTP1008 as it combines both service and parts manuals for the 94 XJ12, as well as lots of additional info. The only hard copy manuals I saw when looking for one that addresses the 6.0L V12 were XJS manuals with a 6.0L supplement section.