1994 XJ40 V12 Repair Manual

Looking for 1994 XJ40 V12 repair and service manual. Have found V6 manuals but not V12.

Duncan ,

I would think finding an XJ40 V6 manual would be really tough :grin:

About as tough as finding a NOS radiator for a Type 1 Volkswagen I reckon! :rofl:

JDHT CD-Rom JHM1177 is what you need for a 1993.25 to 1994 6.0 litre V12 XJ40 (XJ81)

Probably no longer available from JDHT but try checking E-Bay or our old friends -


Funny - thanks for your invaluable comments.

I am sorry if you found no humor in our ‘invaluable comments’. Did you find the repair and service manual you were seeking?

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Nope, now looking for front calipers!

Still need the manual? I have CD manual, need it for myself, but if you message me, maybe we can sort it somehow…