1995 XJ 6 cooling fan switch

Hello everybody, the cooling fans in my 1995 Xj 6 have stopped working, and I am suspecting either the thermal switch or the relay. I see two fittings in the manifold behind the thermostat, one with two wires to it, and the other has only one wire.
Can anybody please tell me which one is for the fans?


The single terminal is for the dash gauge and the double terminal goes to the ECU for fuelling neither control the fans per se.

Same era XJS has the switch/sensor in the rad, just above lower rad hose.

If you haven’t had the mod to run the fans all the time then it may just be a blown fuse

The was a service action to sort this

The fan relay is placed in a bad position up under the front bumper and can get damp and damaged leading it to fail.

That’s where it is in the X300 as well.

Are we not talking about an x300?

Thanks for all the input, much appreciated.

Yes we are, but exMBman said where it is on the XJS, so he probably assumed but did not know that where it is on the X300.

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Makes sense now lol