1995 XJ6 53K Advice on buying

Hi I am pondering buying an XJ6 that looks very clean with only 53K miles, a Georgia car that should not have much rust damage
Any advice on what issue to look for and buying advice appreciated

Hi Mike what year is it?

It’s a 1995, it has now been locked away until April never seen winter, two owners, last one for 17 years !

Looks like a beauty. There are a lot of common trouble areas with these cars but at 53k miles you’re not too likely to encounter any of them.

Personally, I would just take the “usual used car precautions”. Any major leaks? Unusual tire wear? No vibrations, rumblings, or weirdness on a road test? Transmissions shifts well? AC cold and heater hot? Solid history of routine servicing being done? That sort of stuff.


Thanks Doug
Just need to wait until April now!

Don’t ponder…. BUY!

I have tried to buy but the guy says it not accessible until April due to to it being in storage fro the winter


I have a 95, best car i ever owned.most all of the problems i had were PO induced,not Jaguar .
110,000 on mine drives like new.

being in storage for. the winter

WHAT?!? What utter piffle!! You call 30 minutes before arrival and he brings out from wherever it’s stored. It sounds to me like he doesn’t want to sell!

Yes that’s what I thought, but hey who am I to tell him

Bought a 96 with 41k miles $5300 in 19. AC explodes a week later, Fixed with 4 new Michelins $3500 been fine ever since. Clock sucks found an ebay special that looks factory held in place with mounting putty needs batteries once a year. Coming up on 5 years for $9k, 65K on the clock. Had my mechanic put in a relay so the driving lights come on with the ignition to be better seen here in Florida with 500 licenses held by folks over 100. Good Car.