1995 xjs 6 cylinder running hot

I don’t see any of these thermo switches available from American sellers except the jagbits guys who wanted around 80 for an aftermarket part. That seemed really pricey to me so I opted to try this one for which was less than 20, but around 30 with shipping. Brass Fan Switch 88C/79C M22 x 1.5 | Car Builder - Kit & Classic Car Parts Specialist

I think the temperatures are a bit lower than stock, but I think I’m fine with the aux fan coming on a little early.

Is the part number the same for the v12 and the 6 cylinder? I know (at least as of a few years ago) the v12 part is pretty common and you can get one at any NAPA, although you might need the part number. It is used on a few different cars, albeit with different turn-on points.

part no. DAC6794

here is a guy on ebay who has one for 60, not sure what the temp specs are. Jaguar XJS 1992 To 1996 Radiator Cooling Fan Switch 4.0 Litre DAC6794 | eBay

i just read on another thread that the std spec is 85 for switch on and off. the one i bought is probably good enough in that case

That control knob was a great find! You’d pay more for that than you will the thermostatic sensor!!!

the donor car was a 95 vander plas, so it wasn’t really the correct knob it looks a bit off and too small in diameter, but at least it works and fits well.