1995 XJS information

I just got one last week [nice car] and the only thing that I can find is the power antenna doesn’t work correctly. When you turn the radio on it comes up about a foot. Turn it off and it retracts fully. You can manually pull it fully out and when the key is turned off it fully retracts. Ideas?
I also some basic service questions. I know these are no win questions, but it doesn’t hurt to get opinions from experienced owners. For 4.0 Best oil to use[ weight and synthetic or conventional, Best oil and air filter, spark plugs. ATF and power steering fluid?
Thanks, New Guy Steve

Hi Steve-
Many many of your questions will likely be answered here:


I’ve had a lot of trouble with Champion plugs in my '96 AJ16 and now won’t use them. I now fit NGK BKR6E and the engine runs tons better.



BKR5E is the recommended plug since the TSB recommended that the car uses Champion RC12YCC is lieu of the originally specified RC9YCC.

BKR5E ----> RC12YCC

Hi Steve. Your antenna mast sounds like it needs to be cleaned and lubricated.

My car is a 95 AJ16

As far as oil is concerned, I have stuck to Mobil 1 10w40 high mileage since the car was passed down to me in 2009

Air filter is typically Mann

ATF and Transmission I use are regular D3, I believe.

I have never had a problem with Champions. I have had a problem however with other brands. I stick to the OEM RC12YCC

Thanks for the info, Steve