1995 XJS Wheels!

I bought a 1995 XJS today. I absolutely didnt need it, but it was a “giveaway” southern car from new. The tremendous negative are the aftermarket rims. I can accept the rims somewhat, but not the spin-on adapters. Can I find different spin-ons or caps that would match the hub?



Have you taken them off to see what’s underneath?

I suspect they are Tru Spoke. Google Tru Spoke wire center caps and see what you find.

Oh dear. I think I would be looking for a hacksaw.

Pretty sure they are fake spin-ons and it’s just a cover.
And this is the reason for that screw on the side (at 11 o’clock on the photo).
Do you have the special anti-theft key for them?

Not that I’m a wheel expert as a lot is personal taste.
What diameter size are those ? Also can you post a picture of the car from 10 feet back to see what they look like?

If those are true spoke wheels, better get them off a.s.a.p. - dangerous for an XJS due to the weight issue. :grimacing:

Those wheels are also called “straight laced” meaning the spokes go out straight to the rim from the center, rather than crossed like most wire wheels. A friend used to own Dayton Wheel Products, makers of Dayton Wire Wheels. I spent many hours with him at his factory, as well as trips while racing in SCCA. He told me that straight laced wheels were mainly for show cars, and not nearly as strong as cross laced wheels.

I wouldn’t trust those wheels on an XJS.


Aristides…You were correct! The cover was just a cap that easily came off when removing the screw! Also, the ugly spinner was simply held on to the cap with a screw. Ironically, a friend loved them! He gave me $800.00 for the wheels and tires! One of my local salvage yards had an original set of wheels from a 94 XJS for $200.00. I bought them (and installed new Nexen tires)! A good end to a bad beginning! Amazingly, we all have different taste!


Well, now you have a much better looking car and a brand new set of tires.
I would call this a very good bargain!