1996 jag vandenplas 4L air intake

Just purchased a 1996 jag vandenplas 4L noticed plastic pipe coming from front of grill just hanging loose. It about 3” in diameter what is it and wherr should it come from and where does it go . What is it function. As you can tell I’ve never owned a jag before. As time goes on I will have more and more questions that I’ll need help with. Also does anyone know were I can buy a repair manual for this car. Thank you

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Unfortunately you are on the wrong list. Your 1996 Vanden Plas is two generations newer than the Series I, II, and III XJ6 s and XJ12s discussed on this list. I recommend that you post to the Jag-Lovers X300 list where your significantly different and much more modern car is discussed.


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The air box has a CURVED plastic ‘pipe’ for the inlet.

You talking about this guy?

No that’s not anything like it
But thanks for responding

If you can provide a picture, I’m sure someone can answer the question for you.

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