1996 jaguar x300 4L

I just changed the spark plugs on 1996 4L jag when removing the coils I notice deteriorated gasket under each coil. Do they need to be replaced or can you leave them off

If you leave them off it’ll be fine for a long time. These cars are ultra reliable for many small reasons, and perhaps those gaskets make up an element of it. Perhaps prevent moisture ingress… Next time you order some Jag parts throw six of those in and replace them later. Hard to justify $15 in shipping for a few bucks worth of gaskets. The car is not going to explode.

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Just grab some gasket paper from your local FLAPS and cut some out. Car manufacturers do not attach things to cars if they don’t think they need them.

Thanks I assumed they were for moisture

Great idea
Thanks. Good to get info from people who know. Rather than guess

Just FYI Frank its ok to reply to all posters rather than making seperate replies, its an open forum and sometimes these threads get VERY long :grinning: