1996 Jaguar XJS 4.0 Trans rebuild

I just bought a Transmission core Thinking about having it rebuild, the Question for the day is About what is the adv. cost?


From my understanding you have auto box? ZF 4HP24 to be precise?

The cost depends if the rebuild will the outcome of necessity or it’s simply hobby/project.

ZF is making bullet-proof products for decade, I would be surprised thinking that you’ll need full restoration unless you’re perfectionist.

Starting from basic rebuld:

  • you’ll need to count $100 for each clutch basket so x6 (cost of the parts only). These are usually first bits to replace.
  • gasket set for the valve assembly $150
  • housing gaskets/o-rings $60
    Thst’s all - assuming that you know how to check valve solenoids and put the gaskets right and remove/assemble circlips without damage.

Major rebuild

  • basic rebuild and below
  • main bearings $300 (chepest). Bearing wear can be assessed for necessity.
  • oil pump - $150
  • solenoid set $300-450

I won’t mention the tools required for rebuild - assuming that you have these already. Costs are avg, you may get it 30% cheaper easily…