1996 Jaguar XJS facelift 4.0 How to test speed sensors

Looking into ABS light on dash . Cannot seem to get my code reader to tell me what is wrong though … it resets but that is all. I am thinking that may be the cause of the harsh shifting of the transmission and the erratic shifting in and out of 4th . Does anyone know a quick test?

There are ‘P’ codes, ‘B’ codes and ‘C’ codes and you want a generic OBDII ECM reader to interrogate the BODY and CHASSIS codes on a Jaguar? (NOT GONNA HAPPEN)

You can read the ECM (‘P’ codes) but you will NOT read the other codes without dealer level diagnostic tools!!!

The USA EPA required all manufacturers to provide a common code for all cars as of MY 1996.

The body and chassis codes do not affect the cars emissions so no requirement to provide easy/common access to the modules.

Most countries followed suit.

Invest in more complete diagnostic tools or rely on a repair shop for a more complete diagnosis.

Hi- If you’re near New Hampshire we can plug it into my PDU 90’s Jaguar Dealership machine. It gets remarkably little use considering how much space it takes up. That offer is open to anyone. -John