1996 X300 Illumination line to the radio - schematic?

Where would I find a schematic that shows the illumination line that goes to the radio?
I have replaced the dead radio that came with the car by a periode aftermarket one (Blaupunkt London RDM126). Everything works as expected, but the “ON” switch remains illuminated all the time. Even with the igintion key removed and the car locked overnight. I found that the illumination line is at 11.4V. I wonder why that is - hence the question about the schematic.


Thanks Pete!
That shows the adapter I am using must be pinned incorrectly. There is no way the radio on butt to n can be lit via the illumination line without any of the other lights in the center console coming on.
Would you happen to also have the pinout of the radio connector handy?


I have found the pinout myself:

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This seems to have more, but different information!

Ok, now I need to think a bit more. Your link shows the pin in question actually is the illumination. I don’t know how that can be at 1 volt below battery voltage without anything else being lit.

I don’t know it this is helpful information, but when I tried to fit a replacement radio (now back to original) the illumination was back to front. When I had no lights on it was bright but when I had lights on it was dim! I am not the only one to have found this. Jaguar might be working in reverse to normal cars!

Also the way my diagram is labelled may cause some confusion.

Well to dim the illumination at night, so it’s not too bright!

I am confusing myself lol
Which ever way it was working, it was the wrong way round!

I finally gave up on this and decided that 1.8mA current draw isn’t going to kill the battery.