1996 x300 immobiliser

I have collected the unit out of the car from the Jaguar dealer and am positive it is a CC001 now. All I could find for sale right now is a CC008 from a UK car. So that one is on order. Fingers crossed it will work. I have no idea what the differences are. I’ll keep you updated.

You are correct that the CEL going out before cranking signals that the car is immobilised. The key fobs have noting to do with the Imobilizer, it is controlled by a transponder in the key which is read by the ignition barrel when you put the key in. It can only be turned off with the correct key.
Does your new model come with the keys? That is were the transponder is kept that matches a module.

I know it is the transponder in the key that is required. Unfortunately I have only one key for the car, otherwise I would have tried a different one.
The car did start when I got it, but now after a couple of month with a flat battery it doesn’t. I thought the key fob might somehow reset the system if the central locking is cycled (at least I have heard that this has solved the problem for some people).
Anyhow, the car is at the Jaguar main dealer now and they think it is the security control module that is faulty. By the way, I have had a look inside it and there are no backup batteries that could have depleted.
The one that was installed in the car is a LNA2600CC001 but I can now only get a hold of a LNA2600CC008 as the closest match. I have no idea if Jaguar will get that to work out not.


This module has a CMOS battery for memory retention although all can be lost if the car’s battery is flat or disconected for very long (Sounds like this is what’s happened)
So I think it has forgotten the keys :frowning:
I believe a dealer could rematch the key to the module with obsolete diagnostic equipment which only an independent specialist would now have. It might be worth looking up the nearest one and asking them.

I have looked inside and cannot locate a CMOS battery. The dealer says he can’t program the key and believes the module to be faulty. I have doubts if they actually know what they are doing…
I haven’t found any specialists who could do the programming.
Maybe I’ll end up buying a parts car…

This looks like the parts you need to save the parts car!

The other thing you could do would be to contact Andy Stodart, of the Andy bracket fame.
It has been suggested on the USA Jaguar forum that he can reprogram the ECU so that it bypasses the immobiliser. It’s worth a try if you can live without the extra security measure.


Thanks for those two ideas Peter! I did not find the offer on ebay before, possibly because I always searched with the security module part number. Would you know it the body control module and the ECU are different for manual cars vs. automatic? I have a manual and this is most likely from an automatic.


Edit: I did buy the set of parts, just in case I need them. As I only have one key for the car, a full set of keys and a fob are a welcome addition, too.
I already have a security module on the way and will try and get that programmed by Jaguar first.

The ECU is different between manual and automatic, but hopefully you can just swap the security module.

Thanks for all your help! I have good news. The car is running again. Communication with the Jaguar dealer could be better, so I am not exactly sure what they have done now. From what I gather they have installed a used security module which I supplied to them and programmed the existing key and a used key fob that I supplied. The original fob is broken. Looks like I had two faults at the same time. The fob was probably broken when I got the car. No idea what happened to the security module. Are they know to fail under certain conditions? I wonder if the garage tried to jump start with the bad battery installed.
Now I am waiting for a surprise bill from Jaguar :hot_face:
For now I will leave things as they are, but I might install the locks and security module from the set of parts I bought, just to have three keys…


Excellent news, hopefully you can now enjoy some driving :slight_smile:

At least I am pretty close to enjoying some driving.
I need to pass the MOT equivalent now (it is a little more stringent than usual, as the car is from Italy and has never been registered in Germany before), sort out the insurance and get it registered. If all goes well I can do a test drive next week :hugs: :sunglasses:

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There were more unforeseen problems. First I failed the emissions test, both lambda sensor were dead. After that was fixed, I couldn’t get the car registered. They had closed the office due to Corona and it took them some time to take safety measures and reopen.

But now the car is on the road :laughing:

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