1996 XJ6 security system questions please

Not really a new post but folks were so upset I did not list the year of my car I decided to ask again with more information: 1996 xj6 vanden plas.
the door locks quit working with the fob, they do not auto lock with the driver key being turned nor does the lock button on the center console lock or unlock anything. the power antennae is disconnected after being snapped off. Both listed fuses have been checked. there are 4 relays in the system but I do not know how to test them. I do not know how the key fob communicates with the locking /security system nor do I know where any of the components are located other than the horn which might be above and behind the windshield washer motor. all was well last month. thank you in advance, surely someone has some information about the security system on this forum. I’ve checked amazon for a service manual with no luck there. would buy one right off if I knew where to find them.

I purchased a soft copy of the workshop manual for my ‘99XJR from E Manuals on line, not sure if they have one for the ‘96 or if it has any security information but worth it for other things.

found a CD from heritage trust information on e bay for reasonable price. they have 2 more left if anyone else is looking. for 95 96 and 97 x-300 xj6 ill have it in a few days, that will be a new ballgame!!!

just in case anyone might be following… I downloaded a service manual while waiting for the CD copy I ordered. looked over a wiring diagram and found the location of the “security module”. while none have even mentioned this, its in the trunk. all locking routes thru it. as all my systems are down I’m thinking its most likely this has failed. I’ll continue to post in the hope my venture helps others as none seem to know anything about this system here. I always try to help the group. I don’t flame new comers. Been around awhile almost finished with an E type total rebuild.

On a x308 the central locking system will still function without the security module.
But maybe the canbus allows a backup system I guess. And probably not present on x300

Thanks Andy, good to know I’m not alone. As i read the schematic all systems run thru that module. I’ve ordered a salvage one to try. The ECM was bad when i bought the car, a salvage one fixed that so I’m hoping for the same result again. Fingers crossed

I just looked in the trunk for the module, there is a connector disconnected from something. why would one take it out and how can they work without? My fuel door and trunk lock did not work even when the rest did. will know soon enough when i install the salvage one next week sometime.Checking the manual i looked in thew wrong place, whats disconnected is the power Amplifier, i suppose when the Sony radio went in to replace the jaguar factory radio. probably not as good a radio as the jaguar . It may have been in the car I cannot remember, if so i have it somewhere. Have to remove more upholstery to look for the Module, that will be later today after work

Try looking right at the back of the car/trunk.

Maybe under the fusebox, if you have a fusebox there.

service manual states its on the left side of boot behind then upholstery. I haven’t taken panel down but quite certain module will be there.

The module locations are in the early sections of the X300

Electrical Guide.

That got left off

This may also be of interest:

Thank you Neil. My server is too slow for use . home satellite connection in rural Illinois. worst internet you could imagine. I have a CD coming that may help , also bought a used security module that’s in the mail somewhere :).

update: I have the complete Jaguar service manual now, jaguar CD from heritage trust. I have not tried to replace the security module there are quite a few tests I can do first. That problem was shelved when the car ceased to run properly. I have fault code P 1171 to deal with now. probably the easiest fix for that is if its a dirty fuel filter. Seems they might be under the car or behind a panel in the trunk, hopefully the latter. engine gallops at idle. runs fine under throttle or at road speed. smooth on cruise control. I suppose its something complicated that ill be unable to fix. this might be the end of my XJ experience. Ive too much real life things to do on my farm, crops, vegetables, weed control, tractor issues, 100 year old farmhouse restoration, barn repairs, etc. I cant deal with such an unreliable car much longer. I love it when it working but that seems rarely to be the case! just go from one crisis to the next.