1996 xj6 various electrical issues

we have just aquired a 1996 xj6. we are having issues with some eleterical. brake lights do not work. just the center brake light working. radio will not power on. eleteric seat controlls on drivers side seat will not work. eleteric seat controlls on front passanger seat will not work. i have checked all fuses in the 5 fuse box’s with a ohm meter and all of them have condunity. the po stated it needed a new relay for drivers seat and i purchased one. while putting it in i noticed that there were 2 sockets for 5 pin relays that didn’t have anything plugged into them. is this correct. he also stated the passanger seat needed a new ecu which he had but it wasn’t replaced yet. do i need to remove the seat to install it? any help with eleterical issue would be greatly apericated

Welcome Kelly,

sorry to hear about your issues, but you might be better served on a different forum - this one is devoted to the cars that were produced under the same designation XJ6 until 1986. Your car is two generations younger - usually called X300.

By coincidence though, one lister or another might be well-acquainted with these cars as well …

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Welcome Ke;;y, I. Have moved your post to the correct forum.