1996 xjs Fuel line sizes in the engine bay!

(Phil) #1

Fuel line sizes in the engine bay! I am wanting to make my own lines for a 1996 xjs celebration. I want to make hard lines up to a certain point and convert to replaceable Kevlar lines leading to the connections out of the engine bay. Can anyone tell me the sizes of the fittings for the fuel supply and return? What is the inside diameter for these lines? I’m assuming that either end of the line is the same size fitting. If this works out, I will post exact bend measurements and parts purchased to make this happen!

(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #2

V12 or AJ16? adding garbage to meet stupid minimum message length requirement.

(Phil) #3

AJ16. Not lucky enough to get the 12! No one sells lines for the 1996 for some reason. Plus, once I’ve converted it, they will be easily found and replaced if ever needed again.

(Veekay) #4

The fuel rail has M14x1.5 threads.

(Phil) #5

Thank you veekay for the reply. Upon research, I’ve found that there are two line sizes…10mm for supply and 8mm for return. The next interesting thing is that when the lines exit the engine bay to hard lines, the have a Legris push on fitting for both sizes. My next challenge is to find fittings that have (most probably) a female adapter built-in from Legris to convert the system. The idea is that the parts are no longer available, and to be able to replace them easily if needed (that’s actually the whole idea for my build).

PS. I bought this car (1996 xjs 2+2 convertible) for $3000 because the windows wouldn’t go down. They all work now, and I did not get the auto roof working. Bypassed the controls in the trunk (boot) by disconnecting the hood (roof) control module and jumping the connections from switch to rear quarters (cleanly done and no wire cuts).
It runs great, 77k miles, and my wife loves the heated seats with the top down!

(Phil) #6

Ok…the push on fittings are extremely expensive for 10mm (8mm as well). Some sites suggest that their 3/8” push on fittings work with 10mm hard tube push on system. It’s only 0.47mm difference, but at high psi with fuel, that seems unacceptable. Anyone want to chime in on this? Will this work, or blow up…literally!? I’m thinking of just flaring the ends and changing over to compression fittings, or just having the old lines rebuilt at a hydraulic shop

(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #7

Whoa! I see what you mean about the prices of Legris fittings. Plastic, no less!

I don’t really understand why you need them. I expected you would be trying to replace hoses, not fittings. In any case, yeah, I’d saw those suckers off and use clamps before I’d consider spending that sort of cash.

(Phil) #8

They have stainless for 290psi applications…and they are between $100-150 for two of the same size. I’d need two sizes! I agree. Choppy chop, and move on.