1997 Vanden Plas Blown fuse for Right side Turn Signal

Hello fellow jaguar enthusiasts I have a 1997 Vanden Plas that keeps blowing the front passenger side fuse for the right side flasher , the bulb out indicator stays on when the fuse is blown and when I put a new one in the bulb out indicator still comes on when the brake pedal is pressed and the right side flasher is used. No brake lights are blown no flashers are blown but the indicator still comes on and use of the right side flasher blows the fuse in about ten minutes of use. Any and all suggestions would be helpful. :worried: :worried:

Few things to check: is the correct rated fuse being used; check that the fuse socket has clean contact surface; check that the flasher socket has clean contact surfaces; check that all the associated bulb sockets have clean contact surfaces; check that the correct bulb size is being used in all locations (front, side, rear); check that all associated wiring is intact (not loose or poor insulation) - Tex Terry II - 1991 XJS Classic Coupe V12, 1986 XJS Coupe V12 - 1/31/2020 2202hrs EST USA

Thank you very much i will check all of those boxes. :grinning: