1997 vanden plas options

Hi I just got her home ( had to drive it in the snow ) not as bad as I thought it would be .Traction control kicked in nicely.
This baby seems to be loaded, does anyone have a list of options that were available.
I fixed the cup holder… drivers door panel is loose - next project.
So far LOVE the car

A wonderful,Wonderful car!
Some pictures?
Enjoy the last of a real
Elegant automobile!
Bullet proof too!
Can never say enough

Older six/v12 or v8?



That is a x300

Straight six engine.

Don’t know much about them.

A VDP, being an upper-line variant, would have almost no options. Most every thing was standard.

Depends on where the car was sold, as not all markets had the same optional (or standard) equipment. If yours is a USA-market VDP I think the only options were heated seats and traction control…or something like that.


I have had the same model for years. Replaced the radio module awhile back and the replacement had heated seat controls which mine did not have. Which led me to believe the only option which could have been added was heated seats.

How did you fix the cup holder?

There used to be a factory cup holder fix
Welch jaguar in Ohio I think still has some!
If not and jag doesn’t supply them call Welch ask for Dave and they should have a used unit
Good luck

It was the plastic hinge that was broken so I drilled a small hole in the plastic and used a small zip tie. worked great.

Sorry I didnt take a picture.