1997 XJ6 - can you hot-wire the starter?

Found a 97 XJ6 and I assume its the AJ16. Guy says it won’t turn over. I do not know the condition of the battery (but lets assume its good). Is there a way to hotwire/jumper the starter relay to see if it will turn over before surgery on the starter?

you can go directly to starter motor on and engine, i do it often on cars, just run a wire from the solenoid (usually male spade on solenoid) & touch to battery, i got fancy decades ago and made a hand held push button unit, small clamp on wire from pos/battery to button to wire with female spade to start, handy to do compression testing on your own.

I can’t remember if it is the AJ6 or AJ16 (or both) that has the starter wire to the solenoid at the back of the intake manifold and the connector is accessible for a ‘starter button’ type tool.

You can just run a wire from BATTERY POSITIVE to the disconnected wire to the solenoid if you do not have a proper ‘starter button/switch’.

Look for a 10 gauge white wire.

Thanks Tom. I’ve done that with older Fords for forever. But in the X300 case the battery is in the trunk so thats 1/2 a spool of wire to get it up to the starter. I’m thinking more down the lines of jumpering in the relay socket similar to what you can do on an X Type.

if you just want to crank the motor over, different ways to do it, use jumper cables in tandem from battery pos, lay them on the ground then short lead to starter…or… disconnect the battery and use a jump battery up front…or leave the battery connected & use a jump battery up front…still only 12V with 2 batteries as you’re not cross connecting to make 24…