1997 XK8 abs, stability and traction lights on

I’ve removed the module and opened it, and the connections that apparently usually fail look fine. I’m thinking of either replacing the module or sending mine out for reconditioning. A service advertising on ebay offers reconditioning for $150. Has anyone tried that? Any other recommendations? Thanks!

What DTC is logged in the module?

We can all GUESS what the problem is but…

Guessing can get expensive and waste time/money.

ABS_teves_mk20_X100_X308.pdf (54.2 KB)

Don’t try to guess this one away. You need to find a good mechanic and make sure they understand these cars. There are dianostic tools for this, and if they don’t have them, just keep looking. Not a simple thing. I got mine fixed and it has lastedthis time.

Sending a module ‘out for repair’ will do NOTHING if a ‘link harness’ or speed sensor is faulty.

Not all ABS faults are the module!

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When i had the lights, my rear left abs sensor had crapped out. Easy to check with a muti-meter. Luckily i had a spare laying around

Did you get all 3 lights, abs, traction control and stability control? My mobile mechanic said he checked the sensors and they’re ok, but I’m not sure if he used a multimeter.

Thanks! I only have a reader for the engine codes. What reader is needed for the abs module?

Thanks! What was the fix? I see reconditioned modules offered for sale.

If i recall correctly I had at least abs and stability lights. My sensor “looked” fine, but when tested it was definitely bad.

I worked at the dealer and I have WDS and IDS.(dealer software/hardware for Jaguar)

There are other diagnostic tools that can read all the modules. I don’t need them so I don’t know what ones work.

Thanks! I checked all the sensors with a multimeter and they’re fine. So I’m thinking it must be the abs module.

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Thanks! I’d assumed it has to be the sensors or the abs module. Since the sensors have been checked and are good, I can rule those out. What is the link harness? I hadn’t heard of that as a cause for the warning lights. The abs modules must go bad frequently, since there are tutorials available online on how to recondition them, and services that do that.

The two link harnesses are short cables that connect the body harness to the front wheel speed sensors.
They spend their lives moving up-and-down with the suspension and sometimes fail.

On my 99’ I had intermittent warning lights on the dash for years and more recently it stayed on. I pulled the unit out and examined the board in the module and it looked fine and tested good? I figured I had nothing to lose and touched the two power connections with a soldering iron and it is fixed. The module had a no tamper label on it so it had been replaced before. It is not necessary to open the case, just drill a hole in plastic as described in Utube video.