1998 X308 Windscreen wiper fuse or relay location

Does anyone know the location of the windscreen wiper fuse or relay? There’s very little water coming out of my washer if any and I want to disable the wiper so I can investigate the problem pressing the washer/wiper button without the wipers going off. (Hopefully the washer and wiper aren’t on the same fuse/relay!) Many thanks.

You need the “Jaguar Service Manual - XJ Series 1998 MY on” available for free download on the Internet.



Another thought: Have you checked your Owners Manual? The relay layout should be covered there. There is another Jaguar publication - Jaguar XJ Series Sedan 1998 Electrical Guide. I believe it may also be found online for free download. Failing that there is a seller on eBait offering an original, paper copy for a price!



Just pull the arm out/away from the windscreen and let it ‘twirl’ without touching the glass?

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S98_SED.pdf is the Electrical Guide. It will be at Gus’s site.

I want it still so I can see if even a dribble is coming out, and also want it to be as quiet as possible to listen for water pump motor.

Managed to find it in both the JTIS, and the car care manual: it’s 22 in the main engine fuse box.

pair of wiper relays behind the left headlight. Removing one should stop wiper.