1998 XJR should I change my wheels?

Hi. My non-running XJR will soon be running, I hope. In preparation for that I’ve been thinking of new tires which it needs badly. It has the original 18 inch wheels which look very nice. I’ve noticed, however, that the front brakes have been upgraded (I assume it’s an upgrade) to Brembo calipers and 14 inch drilled rotors. 3/4 inch spacers have been added to the front wheels which I can see is needed for clearance.

I’ve read that spacers in general are not a good idea as they screw up the suspension geometry or something. Should I look for wheels with a different offset or bigger wheels perhaps? Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Brembo brakes were a factory option from 2000. They had drilled rotors.
You had to have bbs Milan wheels for clearance.

As shown here

Not necessarily true, only if the Track is altered extremely. I have 16x 8.5 C4 Corvette wheels on my XJS with a 1/2" spacer, but this does not increase the Track as the Corvette wheel has more backspace, keeping Track as per original.