1998 XJR worth to buy and keep? Or flip?


Hi everyone, this is my first post, I am considering buying a 1998 XJR with a bad head gasket. Not sure if it’s coolant in the oil or coolant in the combustion chamber type of failure, but I am not a stranger to complicated engine teardowns (former Mercedes-Benz tech). I would like to know, if this is best a car to keep for a while, or better to flip (I am buying for “asking $1000 obo”, it is immaculate with 100k mi).

(Ian) #2

In line 6 or V8 , the bigger the engine the more value over time !
Look at MK2’s , 2.4 to 3.8 !

(Andy) #3

no really the same, as the 6 and 8 weren’t available at the same time.

6 manuals are sort after.

(bdragon) #4

Whether to buy it is of course dependent on how much it costs to fix it. If it’s really an immaculate car, it could be worth $5,000 or more (many of the cheaper X308 XJR’s are beat up at or below that price range, and there are few immaculate ones even @$5,000 USD.

But whether to keep or flip it - not sure how one can answer that. I guess if you really wanted an X308 XJR and love them, then keeping it is the best option. Like I said, finding a really nice one at a low price is not going to be easy at all.

But if you have no special desire to own or drive one, then calculate the profit you can make and decide if that’s enough for you to do the work and sell it on.


(Ian) #5

I was surprised when this never sold , bids started at £3.995 , around $5200

Jaguar XJR 6 speed auto. in platinum silver. 4.2 Litre V8 supercharged engine producing 400 bhp, 0-60 in 5 seconds. Aluminium body G.V.W.1790 kgs. Full leather interior, lambs wool carpets, air suspension, brembo brakes, Service history, 94210 miles, MOT 25/09/19. Lovely example of this classic Jaguar. No reserve, priced to sell. Check it out on Auto trader valuations, just put the registration & mileage in. Happy bidding !


I’m picking up my 1998 XJR this Sunday the 17th. Looking forward to owning and keeping this car. It’s too beautiful to flip.