1999 xj8 'please wait' radio issue/codes

Hi everyone!

Recently (for what reason- who knows!) decided to purchase a 1999 XJ8. It drives lovely, but the radio wasn’t working when I got it and didn’t turn on - a simple fuse issue.

Anyway, I now have the issue of the radio code. I tried to by-pass it, as some forums stated if you hold the FF/>> button + PTY + A-MEM buttons down after the “please wait” comes up, after entering an incorrect code thrice. Thought I’d try it before dishing out money on a new code, and I’ve checked the side of the globebox, under bonnet etc. for the codes. Doesn’t come with manuals or card, so nothing written there, as per usual.

Anyway, that didn’t work and now the radio is stuck on “PLEASE WAIT”. I disconnected the battery and waited 30 mins or so and reconnected, with the same issue. Have I stuffed something up?

Obviously being a 1999 model, the VIN number can be used to locate the radio code (it is the original radio, as checked with previous owners).

Any thoughts/help would be much appreciated!

The code is on a plastic credit card size card which comes (or should be in the handbook wallet) the car. You will need to remove the radio to get the Serial No. if the main dealer who imported/first sold the car can’t supply the code against the VIN.

dishing out money
I just went to my nearest dealer (Lancaster in Sidcup, Kent) - who wasn’t the original supplying dealer - with my V5, proof of ownership and some photo ID and they looked it up for free. The chap even came out to the car to make sure it had been the correct code.

Job done~ ! A good result.