1999 xk8 traction control reset

Need info on re-setting traction control & abs warning. Dealers only go back to 2000. My jag sound system manual says contact jag dealer for code but no help there! Until code is cleared, my cruise control does not work & dash display is not correct.

I’ve never come across this and can’t find any reference to a TC reset in JTIS. When you say code, do you mean a fault code? If so, I take it you don’t have a scanner?

Usually, when you get TC and ABS warnings it’s related to either a faulty wheel sensor or the ABS control module. A scan would point you in the right direction.

& that is the problem up here in Wa. Nobody can read the code at all unless it is 2000 or newer. Thanks for reply as I’m thinking of selling it because I can not find a shop now so what if I’m way far from home @ need help. We really like this ragtop but………….

There are many wifi code readers on eBay for under $10. Age related code readers is a new concept for me. I thought they were all the same. My XK8 is a 97 and I have an Autel scanner which reads the codes perfectly as does a laptop with Jaguar IDS. It might be worth a small punt to see if you could get a cheap one to read the codes yourself.

Thanks, I have had several shops say no becuz of the 1999 / 2000 change over. I will go on google & buy one. Thanks! hotrodBob

There is absolutely no difference in 1999 or 2000 AJ27 ECM data!!!

I have no idea what diagnostic equipment would find different between the two.

My WDS and IDS units work fine. SDD can be made to revert to Legacy IDS for the older cars. Somebody does not understand Jaguar diagnostics or are blindly reading generic info for aftermarket diagnostic equipment???

This is my second Jag. A long time ago. I had a very hard time finding anyone in western Wa. to work on it. Now I am trying to figure this car out as I got it with a bad engine knowing it was. Been a real “adventure”.

Hi Bob,

Assuming your XK8 is older than a 2001, when the older engines went out, the dealers were

replacing them with a 2001 or newer steel sleeve engine. Costs less and easier to install. I’ve got a restoration

shop in Gig Harbor that is quite good. But mostly my cars are worked on at the dealer in Fife and

in Victoria, private shops or dealer. Older British cars are worked on at the private shops at Gig Harbor and Victoria.

Bob Allen

Bob, remember that when the traction control or ABS is not working, you have the same traction control and braking that you, I and everyone else on this list grew up with. Before cars were dumbed down.