1st time ever...ordering a brand new car...and it's an F-Type R

Good day All,
I am an infrequent viewer of Jag-Lovers. Through the years, I have owned 3 Jags in my time…all XJs. I never could afford buying new–or even reasonably new for that matter–but, have finally hit a financial goal that I set many years ago which carried this one reward…I get to buy a brand new Jaguar. I have NEVER bought a brand new car from a dealer of any make. Always bought used, did my research, and have been fortunate enough that I feel like I have done right by myself. Now, however, I am COMPLETELY out of my depth and am asking for help. I want a VERY specific configuration of 2021 F-Type R (black on black on black with extended leather and headliner with Pano roof) so I will need to order from my local dealer (as none exist the way I want in national dealer stock). I want the F-Type…but, I DON’T want to pay any more than I have to, though I know I am paying dearly for it either way. My current Jag is a '17 XJL (which is, naturally, amazing) that I bought out of state. Had a good relationship with that dealer but they informed me that I can’t deal with them on a new car due to territory restrictions…shows you what I don’t know. In this case, I am an “unconscious incompetent”…I literally “do not know what I don’t know”. Can I negotiate much considering I am “ordering” as opposed to “buying from dealer inventory”? Any advice will be appreciated.

Consider ordering at the end of the month, if sales dept has quotas, you may be helping them and you can use that to you advantage. Obviously you have configured one online and you know what that price is. Check out Truecar.com, see what others paid. Lastly, you only live once, you’ve worked hard to get to the point where you CAN buy this car, be good to yourself, and buy it.

Great advice Valerie. Thank you. I have an appointment with my local JLR dealer on Friday. Estimating a late June delivery. The hardest part will be the wait. Thanks again. Peace.

Take the time to go to the site:


You can learn about and how to use all the features and controls. Peruse this forum to see what else there is. Prepare your garage! Let us know when it arrives!!

Thank you, Valerie, for the link. That’s fantastic. Have an appointment with my dealer tomorrow morning to build out my car. Am hearing that lead time is near 120 days currently…So, I will have plenty of time to prep my garage. Will be my pleasure to post pics upon arrival. Again, thank you. Best to you and yours.

Hi Randak,

Congratulations, and remember to enjoy the entire experience, including the waiting and anticipating.

Let us know how the meeting with the dealer went.

BTW, you can (and should) absolutely discuss the price (haggle). If there are other dealers within a reasonable distance from you, get quotes from all of them and compare.

Also check each dealer’s online reputation. There can be quite the difference between the service you experience pre-sale vs. post-sale.

Best of luck!

Thank you, Gunnar. It was an a fantastic experience with my dealer. He turned his monitor toward me and he clicked through, the now very-familiar build screens (as I have done it a dozen times online myself)–but this time for “keeps”. Kalamazoo is a rather small “big” town. Pfizer Pharma and Stryker Medical both have their World HQs here and Kellogg Cereal is only 25 minutes away–we even have an “international” airport (I think 1 flight to Canada per week…LOL). So, for a small population, we have a great many “big” town amenities…including a great Jaguar dealer with an Excellent service record. I’m thrilled to be working with them and savoring every moment between now and the “fluid” delivery date. The sales manager promised to update me regularly and has an app that allows him to actually track the ship carrying my stealth F-Type across the pond. Should be a hoot!! Thanks again. Keep us all posted on your delivery. Best to you and yours.

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