2.4 oil sump compatibility


I just purchased this 2.4 engine and am looking for some information on the oil pan/sump.

Will a 4.2/3.8 sump bolt onto the 2.4?

And, does anyone have the height of the 4.2 sump? I am looking for the shortest one possible. Dry sump is an option as well but they are not cheap. The rear of the sump on my 2.4 is 8.25"

I’m pretty sure all later sumps will bolt straight on, dependant on oil pickup location. When you ask about 4.2 sumps, I think there are several; the one you show is probably E Type, but the 4.2 was also fitted to 420 and IIRc had a similar sump to the 3.4\3.8. Not sure about the Mk10\420G, but this one is from an S1 XJ6.

That measurement is 205mm. Probably not of any use to you

I appreciate the response and the info. 205mm is 8", so right in line with the sump I have. That is good to know, Thanks!