2 post lift for 69 OTS

hello all
carbs have been shipped to Rhys so Dad and i dove into brakes this past weekend. i have a 2 post lift that i use constantly on my pontiacs. i would love to get the jag in the air but do not see a simple way to do so.
anyone have experience in how to safely lift the car with a 2 post lift?


I use the rear arms to the body side of the IRS reaction arms (under the large bushing/bolt) and the fronts under the aft mounting point of the lower A arms. Balances well until you remove the engine or IRS.

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I agree with Doug, that is where I lift the E on my BendPak. I use hockey pucks to preserve the soft lifting pads. A useful tip, I have mounted a Stanley parking aid laser on the upper crossbar. When the laser hits the shifter I know I am on center and correct position.

I made some wooden block adapters for the front arms. Rear on the arms with wooden blocks as mentioned. I have since the pictures, thickened up the front blocks with another layer of wood so as not to have to use the hockey puks. Don’t forget the holes to help locate the blocks and not push the carpet anchors back up. My lift is a Bend Pak

I have the same lift, an excellent piece of work!!

I pick up my lift from the manufacturer this week. I guess I’d better get busy making some lifting appliances.

I do not own a lift.

But since you used the word “safely”, do consider the strength of the bond of the rubber and metal in the IRS mounts. I would want the weight of the IRS to be well-supported and not dependent on 50-year-old bonds. The bonds may be fine on the ground in compression, but that tells you little about them under tension when they car is on the hoist. The positioning of the rear lift arms under the IRS trailing arms may or may not provide the necessary support and assurance.

Lift considerations, I went overboard with my BendPak. It is a 10K lbs capacity asymmetrical. It has two width settings, because of the HD design is wider than the normal lifts. Have it on the narrowest position and even then the E has to be positioned just right for the front arms to reach rear wishbone mounts at the front suspension.
For safety at the rear I considered installing four cables as safety straps for rubber mounts,
just never got around to doing it. When working under car I will position a screw type support jack under the rear suspension.
FWIW check the torque of lifts mounting nuts once a year, in my case 90 ft/lbs.

Posted before but illustrates the point:

Looks like the propshaft may be all that is holding the IRS up.