20 character minimum post length - REDUCED to 10

The 20 character minimum post length was intended by the developers to prevent “Me too!” type posts and other pointless/contentless messages.

The problem is that people learned to pad their contentless posts to 20 characters. I.e. the “Me too! (plus 20 characters)” type messages.

So, I figured out how to lower the required amount of characters to 10. It would still prevent literal “Me too!” posts (7 characters), but should hopefully stop our databases from filling up with thousands of repeated “plus 20 characters” text strings.

Please, for the love of all that’s good, stop posting messages that don’t really have any meaningful content. If you feel you need to pad your message to get above the (now) 10 character minimum limit, ask yourself if you really need to post it. Does it add anything to the conversation?



If that advice is followed some folks won’t have much to post at all. :rofl: