2000 X308 no start after driving to

I have a 2000 Jaguar Vanden Plas. I drove the car to work. Went out to go home but nothing. The lights work, fail safe mode, low brake fluid level, asc not available, trac warning lights cycle through but car will not start or turn over. So I took uber and left it there. The next morning I tried to start it and it cranked with no problem. After work I drove it home.

The next morning, it cranked right up. As I was driving it to work it cut off. Battery not charging displayed on the display for a second then asc not availble, trac not available, low brake fluid level, fail safe mode began to cycle on the display. I made a few attempts to start it but like the other time, nothing. Waited about 5 minutes then it cranked up and I drove to work.

If I allow the car to idle but 15 minutes or more in the morning It does not cut off. When I drive the car to work, it will start and crank if I try it about every hour or so. If it sits after driving it to work I get nothing, no start no crank it will not turn over but I do get the warning lights (failsafe mode, low brake fluid level, asc not available, trac not available). Any ideas on what the issue could be?

First thing to do is get the battery load tested, most garages should be able to do it.

There is a TSB for the 2000MY sedans. I dealt with this dozens of times when I worked at the dealer.

It was a SERVICE ACTION (S484)

413-S484am2 INSTPK CAN failure.pdf (250.5 KB)

Worth looking into!!!