2000 XJ8 TPS problems

I have a 2000 XJ8 and am having problems with the tps. No track available, etc. Has anyone replaced just the tps? So far I am told I have to replace the entire throttle body with the tps. If I do replace the throttle body is it just a swap, or is calibration required??

Any information is greatly appreciated.

Worth looking on eBay. Some are there
Depending which side you want.

I don’t believe the throttle position sensor is available as a separate part. (at least it wasn’t 4 years ago when I had fail-safe error code problems induced by the throttle body assembly.)

The throttle body is just a swap and doesn’t need calibration. I had mine rebuilt however for about $700 and this worked very well (I wanted more peace of mind than another used throttle body that could fail at any time.) That company appears to crack open the TPS to repair it, reinforcing the notion the TPS is not available separately.


When I worked at the dealer when these cars were new, all we did was replace the entire TB assy.(no component repair)

I suggest a good used if you can find at reasonable cost. All AJ27 throttles will fit but the SuperCharged will not have the air assisted injector valving attached. You can swap the coolant pipe assy with the air assisted injector housing complete with the electrical connector. (I just did this to my 2001 XJ8 because I had a spare 2002 XJR SC throttle assy)